Mutants in Music

Mixed, glued, connected. As a multidisciplinary ensemble plays with the connections between contemporary music and dance, with different mixing ratios, impact speeds and glueing surfaces. Collision, mutation, explosion.

In the three-part concert series "Mutants in Music", musicians, dancers and audience are confronted with the question of what power music exerts on the human body. Transformation, manipulation, cooperation.

In the first edition, "Mutants in Music: I. Minimal Dominion", two newly created works meet; one was created under choreographic dominance, the other under compositional dominance. Choreographer Naïma Mazic stages the playful search for a common language between music and dance as a flirtation. In his piece, the composer Ui-Kyung Lee focuses on the listening body as a medium and explores the musical reaction spaces of actors and audience.

In both pieces, dance and music seek and find each other's movement.

Cast & Credits

Choreography & Composition: Naïma Mazic
Composition & Choreography:
Ui-Kyung Lee
Artistic direction:
Anna Neubert
Annelie André, Georgia Bettens, Anna Neubert, Christoph Stöber, Esther Saladin, Yves Ytier
Artistic direction:
Anna Neubert
Stage & Costume:
Sophia Spies
Garlef Keßler
Production management:
Natalja Starosta/Studio Marshmallow
Production management assistant:
Camilla Gerstner
Maike Graf

Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the special NEUSTART KULTUR program, by the Klangwert ensemble sponsorship of the Aventis Foundation and the Kunststiftung NRW.


  • 30.09.2022, 6:00 PM

    Resonanzraum Hamburg

  • 26.09.2022, 6:00 PM

    Tanzfaktur Köln

  • 25.09.2022, 6:00 PM

    Tanzfaktur Köln

  • 23.09.2022, 6:00 PM

    Frankfurt LAB