What does a concert hall dream of?

Winter 20/21, in Lockdown: performatively explores the almost lifeless, sleeping building of the Kölner Philharmonie with short 360-degree videos between music and dance. No babble of voices from an expectant audience, no thunderous applause. What does a concert hall dream of? The echoes of melody fragments, the energy of the musicians and the shadows of the audience still seem to haunt it.

The concert hall, foyer and backstage area are played by . Excerpts from compositions by Schubert, Kurtág, Zimmermann and Cheng meet contemporary dance and reconquer the spaces of the Kölner Philharmonie as if in a dream.

The 360-degree videos are conceived in such a way that viewers involuntarily walk through the space and the performance to follow the movements in the video, thus becoming part of the action, part of the choreography. The production was made possible by the Reload grant of the German Federal Cultural Foundation, with the kind support of the Kölner Philharmonie.

Cast & Credits

Rondo - What does a concert hall dream of?
Concept & Performance: Anna Neubert, Antonia Stäcker
Costume: Sophia Spies

Calling Sirens - What do artists dream of?
Concept: Magdalena Öttl, Sophia Spies, Christoph Stöber
Performance: Magdalena Öttl, Christoph Stöber

Présence - What does the audience dream of?
Concept: Esther Saladin, Yves Ytier
Performance: Anna Neubert, Magdalena Öttl, Esther Saladin, Sophia Spies, Antonia Stäcker, Christoph Stöber, Yves Ytier

Production Assistant: Emi Noda
Camera: Rikisaburo Sato
Sound: Fabian Knauber


  • 30.03.2021

    Kölner Philharmonie